Ultra High Voltage Research Laboratory (UHVRL), Hyderabad

Ultra High Voltage (UHV) Research Laboratory was commissioned in 1993 at Hyderabad. The objectives of the Laboratory is to provide design data valid for the country's particular climatic, environmental and operating conditions, for transmission system above 400 kV and to provide necessary facilities in the development and testing of UHV equipment.

Achievements :

  1. Successfully tested 1200 kV class equipment for the first time in the country.
  2. 800 kV HVDC composite insulators were successfully tested for DC RIV, Corona, DC withstand test, Lightning Impulse voltage & Switch Impulse voltage tests.
  3. Temperature rise test and accuracy measurement of 765 kV instrument transformers successfully completed.
  4. RIV and Corona test on 765 kV bundle conductors successfully completed.
  5. Artificial pollution on 765 kV composite insulators by salt fog method.
  6. Partial discharge and Long duration AC voltage tests successfully conducted on 420 kV OIP condenser bushing.
  7. Pollution test by solid- layer method on HVDC composite insulator strings upto 500 kV rating successfully conducted for the first time in the country.