Ultra High Voltage Research Laboratory (UHVRL), Hyderabad

Ultra High Voltage (UHV) Research Laboratory was commissioned in 1993 at Hyderabad. The objective of the laboratory is to provide design data valid for the country's particular climatic, environmental and operating conditions, for transmission system above 400 kV and to provide necessary facilities in the development and testing of UHV equipment.


Corona, radio interference and audible noise measurement in experimental transmission line, operating-transmission lines, sub-stations and corona cage. Measurement of aeolian vibration & sub span oscillations of transmission lines, Electric and magnetic field measurements near EHV / UHV transmission lines.

  1. Frequency response analysis on power transformers.
  2. Pollution studies on EHV/UHV insulators and surge arresters under AC & DC.
  3. Electric field environment of DC lines & studies.
  4. Optimization of Transmission Line Parameters.
  5. Corona, Radio Interference and Audible noise measurement in experimental transmission line, operating transmission lines, sub - stations and corona cage.


  1. Radio Interference, audible noise, electric and magnetic field strength measurements for HV AC / DC transmission lines.
  2. Investigate the mechanical condition of windings of the power transformers at site using frequency response analyzer.
  3. Pollution mapping.


The commercial and investigatory tests can be carried out as per national and international standards. The laboratory has been accredited by NABL in accordance with IEC 17025: 2017.